Flags of Europe Collection

Flags of Europe Collection

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50 Flags of Europe 3 Part Cards

This is one of the most valuable learning materials I can provide for you as it suits ALL ages and arguably ALL subject areas - A must for any home-educating family!

Whether you are studying a person, a place, or an animal for example, then these cards are a useful addition when looking at the countries that each is from.

If you have a flag colouring in page then these make a handy resource.

Includes 50 flags of the countries in Europe with names of countries written in beautiful cursive font. 

(Flags for other countries will be available soon)

You may wish to use as 3 part cards or secure with a ring clip, or even decorate your learning environment with them!

Also includes a handy "Ways to Use" Guide
I kindly ask that you DO NOT share, alter, or resell in anyway
Purchase is for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD only
Any extras that may be seen in photos are for staging / illustrative purposes 
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