About Post from the Past

About Post from the Past

Know the STORIES of people in history and how the lives they led affect us today, through a vintage letter in the post!

"I want my children to learn the stories of people from the past and not just memorise dates on a timeline."

Why Post from the Past?

I am a home educating mama of two with an abundance of learning materials, but when I took a closer look at our home-school, I found that we were desperately lacking in GENTLE history related resources. This prompted me to create a way to bring history to life; by capturing the imagination and presenting facts, while also telling a story.

I don’t want to present my children with dry facts from a textbook. Instead, I want to shape their hearts and minds and at the same time, provide you with something unique that will add value to your home education too, and I believe I have achieved this through my new venture: ‘Post from the Past’.

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