About Post from the Past

About Post from the Past

Know the STORIES of people in history and how the lives they led affect us today, through a vintage letter in the post!

"I want my children to learn the stories of people from the past and not just memorise dates on a timeline."

Each month you will receive a letter from a different historical figure who has made an outstanding contribution to the world or has had a significant impact on the world as we know it.

Your letter could be from a scientist, an author, an artist, or an explorer, to name a few! 

The style of each letter will alternate monthly, where one month your letter will be written in cursive handwriting, and the next it will not. There are two reason for this:
Firstly, I want it to feel as though you are receiving handwritten letters from different people each month.
Secondly, while most parents prefer cursive style text and this makes for great practice, I want to ensure that I appeal to everyone. The letters that do not have cursive text will be easier for children to read themselves.

Why Post from the Past?

I am a home educating mama of two with an abundance of learning materials, but when I took a closer look at our home-school, I found that we were desperately lacking in GENTLE history related resources. This prompted me to create a way to bring history to life; by capturing the imagination and presenting facts, while also telling a story.

I don’t want to present my children with dry facts from a textbook. Instead, I want to shape their hearts and minds and at the same time, provide you with something unique that will add value to your home education too, and I believe I have achieved this through my new venture: ‘Post from the Past’.

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