Tchaikovsky Letter
Tchaikovsky Letter
Tchaikovsky Letter

Tchaikovsky Letter

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Learn more about the man behind the music with one of our best-selling Snail Mail letters from Tchaikovsky! Delivered to your door complete with photograph, children will delight in receiving their very own mail, plus you also have access to free printables to download and pair with your letter!!

Discover what Tchaikovsky really thought of the Nutcracker and how by age eight he could already play the piano as well as his teacher! Read about his life growing up in Russia to how his music helps audiences understand what ballet dancers think and feel on stage. If you love all things Nutcracker related then you are sure to love this letter!

Free Printables Include:
-Activity Board with Quote and 9 Suggested Activities
-Musical Instrument 3 Part Cards
-Musical Art
-Musical Match-Up
-Romantic Period
-Russia Info, map & Flag Page
-Character Profile Page
-Tchaikovsky Extra Info Page
-DIY Nutcracker Paper Puppets
-Book List
-Nutcracker Colouring Page